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Proactive Management is a Marketing company specializing in Marketing strategies, project development, project management and advertising. We advertise to all companies that want to promote themselves, gain brand awareness, or sell their products, services, or services. Through advertising, we offer the ability to sell your products, services or facilities worldwide. We use a variety of advertising formats, such as Google ads, YouTube ads, where you can voice your company and sell services, products, or facilities. With the growing innovations of online offline technology and policies, the all-encompassing concept of entrepreneurs is less likely to succeed, and today entrepreneurs need more diversified skills and expertise to win challenging projects and business contracts. Proactive Management, this requirement, local and international and projects, market research and marketing strategies, your business and management model that decides your income, your company's management strategy of the future, Project Management, networking for entrepreneurs and business planning, personal development training. Thanks to its innovative structure, Proactief Management is able to offer customized consulting services and Innovation, Administrative and Financial Project Management, Evaluation of Project Proposals, Market Research and Competition Analysis, International Network, Professional Personal Development Training, Business Planning and physical characteristics. projects, establishing a project such as Online Project Development, Business Coaching, Online Business, Project Presentations, Master - Businessplan, etc.). Particular attention is paid to medium-scale projects in all European countries.


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Tell us what is the most difficult to you to start a company?

  Setting up the idea   What kind of services of product do you want to offer   The market and the price   How to find clients   Where to find the clients   The management (departments) of your company   The Marketing strategy and network   How to increase the income   How to create a stable relation with the clients   The Business and Management model