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Proactive Management specializes in setting up companies. We are happy to advise you in determining the legal form of your company to consider what are the advantages and disadvantages for tax purposes. That is why starting your own company requires multilateral knowledge from a legal, tax, administrative and strategic point of view.
With the increasing innovation of online-offline technology and policies, the concept of omniscient entrepreneur is less likely to succeed, and today’s entrepreneurs need more diversified skills and expertise to win challenging projects and business contracts. Proactief Management aims to meet this need by providing professional services in a number of subjects based around local and international and projects, market research & marketing strategies, business and management model which are deciding the income, management and strategy of your future company, Project Management, networking, personal development training for entrepreneurs and business planning. 

Thanks to its innovative structure, Proactief Management is able to provide clients with exclusively tailored consulting services  and InnovationAdministrative and Financial Project ManagementEvaluation of Projects Proposals, Market Research and Competitive Analysis, International Networking, Professional Personal Development Training, Business Planning, physical projects, Online Project Development like Business Coaching to set up a project, Online Business, Project Presentations, Master - Businessplan etc.) that large consultancies find hard to supply.

Particular attention is paid to medium-sized projects in all European countries. If i, as a specialist, have to travel with you, the costs  will be charged to you as a customer. Please note that realizing a project takes a lot of time till one-three years, starting with the initiation and preparation phase, gathering the right information, establishing contacts in the relevant country where the project is being realized. 

In collaboration with my team we are happy to provide you with experience containing the major professionality, our list of project references and prices (upfront fees + success fees) for our services in Proposal Writing, Project Management, Evaluation of Grant Proposals, Loans based on your project of company. 

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Tell us what is the most difficult to you to start a company?

  Setting up the idea   What kind of services of product do you want to offer   The market and the price   How to find clients   Where to find the clients   The management (departments) of your company   The Marketing strategy and network   How to increase the income   How to create a stable relation with the clients   The Business and Management model