Proactive Management
Only effective strategy


Proactive Management is a Marketing and Project Management Agency that offers a range of various services in the field of Marketing, mainly Marketing strategies and the plan of approach in companies for the growth of sales.

To promote the turnover in companies and to make the companies visible, we set up advertising campaigns so that the income can grow by at least 30% per quarter.

Proactive Management helps companies to promote their image, identity and reputation through video marketing and promotional videos. We record, design and process videos ourselves. Videos are then used to promote your company or sell your products, services and facilities, in other words to generate more conversions. Google and social media ads are also one of the advertising models we use for conversion, promotion, and sales. We design various advertising campaigns in various forms suitable for your target audience's age category, profession, income and sector. 

This private marketing and management company, Veronica Ceban in the Netherlands-Amsterdam in 2016 by Veronica's work in the fields of Communication Sciences and Business Development. Shortly after the establishment of Proactive Management, Veronica realized several projects and helped various companies to position themselves in the market. For two years, Veronica worked for social media and Google advertising for Turkish companies such as Corpneed in European countries, selling advertisements for cosmetics, care and body products. So, advertising sales increased by 40%. In the Netherlands, he has marketed to new and existing brands and companies where brands are sometimes announced and companies offer their products online.