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Companies that need us for their event can hire us on a rental basis or invite us for lectures, influence marketing and workshops.
Proactive Management has experience in advising starting and restarting entrepreneurs who want to work on their personal development and set up a company. We provide you with Marketing advice, branding, making the right choice of your product or service, brainstorming and setting up the right program or strategy for your company.

As an entrepreneur with a high dose of creativity and enthusiasm, I will help you on your way to discovering your values ​​and strength. I help you as an entrepreneur to value your dream, to extract the power of your product or service. Learning, strategies and programs on which to focus and powerful sales strategies, I teach you to implement. In order to generate revenue and serve customers, I've developed marketing strategies that help automate your business.

Online business is the most powerful business you can ever think of as an entrepreneur, I speak from experience. Paying online, you can do anywhere and whenever you want.

My strength is my honesty and dedication in what I do. Your success lies in my heart. The strength of my intelligence I associate with my positive inner energy.



Since 2016, I helped many entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. What you do not see, I see it. '' THINK OUT THE BOX '', this is my work strategy. I think about you and take out your strength. I will not let you go until you reach your goal.

I coach entrepreneurs individually or in groups, the preference lies with you.

My trajectories are measurable, tailored to your institution, needs and purpose. That's what's happening, you and my '' SUCCES ''. That is why I am now writing the book '' YOUR SUCCES '' in which I give you insights on all your developmental levels.

 Want to discover your deepest strength?

Want to discover your values?

Do you want to sharpen your basic development levels?

Do you want to find out why you can not break your business?

Do you want to earn money?

Do you want to lift your business to the next level?

Do you want to take online business?

Want to position yourself better and attract the right customers?

Want to learn to sell?

Do you want to get your services paid high?

Then I designed the right structured system that allows you to create impact on millions of people worldwide and share your message with the world.

 Successful learning and presentation is an absolute must for every entrepreneur, manager, coach and trainer. And with the right marketing you can reach more people from your audience. However, if you help more people in a better way, this affects the value you add and thus your value in the market.

Do not hesitate to book a call booking and let you guide you through an expert. Do you believe in the statement together we can change the world? If, like me, I want to help more people, want a bigger impact and want to build or expand a valuable business here, then I have something great for you.